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Westinghouse HPU Pump Discharge Filter Housing Modification

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The existing Westinghouse EH System Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is equipped with four (4) pump discharge filters (2 per pump). These filters are rated at 10 micron nominal (15 micron absolute) filter capacity.


In order to assure reliable operation of the servo valves on the hydraulic actuators the fluid should be filtered to at least 5 microns absolute.


Replacing the existing filter elements with finer filters would restrict the pump output flows leading to potential erratic operation of the unit.


Barry Sibul Company offers a simple and non-invasive modification to the HPU which allows for the addition of finer pump discharge filters without effecting pump performance.


The modification consists of simply removing the existing filter housing caps, screwing on new filter housing extension tubes, inserting new 3 micron stainless steel mesh filter elements followed by screwing on new filter housing caps.

Features of the Westinghouse EH System HPU Filter Modification

  • Modification can be done with the unit on-line by isolating the stand-by pump.
  • 3 micron beta 200 stainless steel mesh, high collapse element with stainless steel end cap components and support tube. (3000 psid collapse rating)
  • Integral removal grasp on filter element for easy replacement.
  • No cutting or welding required. Simply screw on the new housing and insert the new element.
  • Modification can be done in minutes
  • Viton seals on new housings and filter elements
  • Existing elements can continue to be used at hydraulic actuators



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