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Hydraulic Power Unit-Diagnostics Modification with Duplex Filters (HPU-DX)

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HPU-DX Modification
The existing Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) was designed and manufactured up to 40 years ago. Since that
time significant technological advances have been made regarding diagnostic instrumentation.
With the current design, you are only able to monitor pump discharge pressure and system pressure.

The Barry Sibul Company HPU-DX upgrade package retains the existing pumps and motors (flooded suction)
but replaces all of the rest of the components located between the pump discharge and the hydraulic
distribution header including:
• The pump discharge filters and their differential pressure alarms
• The relief valve
• The check valves
• Pressure gauges
• Reservoir Heater (if supplied)
All of these components are replaced with start-of-the-art components integrated into two (2) custom built
manifolds thereby reducing the probability of fluid leakage. Integrated into the HPU-DX manifolds are true
duplex filter with dual discharge isolation.
Each manifold (one for each pump) consists of the following integrated components

• Pump discharge relief valve
• Duplex three micron, beta 200, stainless steel mesh pump discharge filters with inlet selector valve, dual isolation on the outlet of each
filter with optional dual inlet isolation.
• Pump Discharge check valve
• Pump Discharge air bleed valve
• Pump Discharge ball type isolation valve with locking kit down stream of HPU-DX Manifold
• Pump Discharge flow indication
• Pump Casing Drain flow indication
• Pump Running Pressure indication
• Pump Running Pressure Gauges both before and after discharge filters
• Fluid Condition Monitoring Transducers (particulate and moisture)

In addition to the above manifolds, the HPU-DX upgrade package offers an optional reservoir heater
package consisting of four (4) 500-watt Pad Type heaters that replace the existing reservoir emersion
heater (if supplied). The new heaters are controlled by an independent thermostat control that is mounted
on the door of the HMI Enclosure.
The Barry Sibul Company supplied HMI Enclosure includes an Allen Bradley PLC with a 10” color, touch
sensitive HMI. The variables being monitored on the HMI display are:
• Pump Discharge Flows
• Pump Casing Drain Flows
• Pump Discharge Pressure
• Active Pump Discharge Filter Differential Pressure
• Reservoir Temperature
• Real Time Fluid Condition (particulates and moisture content)
The new manifolds are connected to the existing fittings on the pumps and the Hydraulic Power Unit. No new
lines need to be added.


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