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Steam Turbine High Pressure Fluid System Upgrade Products

Vertical Pump Motor Manifold with Diagnostics (VPMM-DX)

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The Vertical Pump Motor Manifold with Diagnostics and Duplex Filters (VPMM-DX) Upgrade replaces most of the major components of the existing GE Hydraulic Power Unit. These include:


  • Hydraulic Fluid Pumps (2)
  • Motors (2)
  • Pump Discharge Filters with built-in pressure switches (2)
  • Air Bleed Valves (2)
  • Pump Discharge Relief Valves (2)
  • Pump Discharge Check Valves (2)
  • Space Heaters and Controller (2)
  • Pump Running Pressure Switches and Pressure Gauges


In other words everything from the reservoir to the main distribution manifold is replaced.


The Barry Sibul Company VPMM-DX upgrade consists of two (2) independent assemblies, which include the following items:


  • 1800 rpm, 60 HP, 440VAC Motor
  • Variable flow, constant pressure, piston hydraulic fluid pump
    • The pump is connected to the motor in a vertical direction, which positions the pump below the fluid level (flooded suction)
  • Ball type inlet isolation valve with locking kit
  • Special pump/motor/manifold mounting assembly which incorporates all of the following devices in one compact, easy to access location:
    • Pump discharge relief valve
    • Duplex three micron, beta 200, stainless steel mesh pump discharge filters with inlet selector valve dual isolation on the outlet of each filter (relief valve and lockable ball valve)-Option dual inlet isolation available upon request
    • Pump Discharge check valve
    • Pump Discharge air bleed valve
    • Pump Discharge ball type isolation valve with locking kit down stream of VPMM-DX Manifold
    • Pump Discharge flow indication
    • Pump Casing Drain flow indication
    • Pump Running Pressure indication
    • Pump Running Pressure Gauges both before and after discharge filters
    • Fluid Condition Monitoring Transducers (particulate and moisture)
  • Six Pad type heaters with an independent thermostat heater controller that is mounted on the door of the HMI Enclosure.
  • Real Time Fluid Condition Monitor (moisture and particulates)
  • All stainless steel piping, flanges and fittings required to install the upgrade
  • Technical Manual in digital (pdf) from that includes all assembly, schematic and electrical drawings relating to the VPMM-DX
  • HMI Enclosure that includes an Allen Bradley PLC with a 10” color, touch sensitive HMI. The variables being monitored on the HMI display are:
    • Pump Discharge Flows
    • Pump Casing Drain Flows
    • Pump Discharge Pressure
    • Active Pump Discharge Filter Differential Pressure
    • Reservoir Temperature
    • Real Time Fluid Condition (particulates and moisture content)


The VPMM-DX is provided with our standard 24-month manufacturer’s warrantee.



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