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Steam Turbine High Pressure Fluid System Upgrade Products

Vertical Pump Motor Manifold (VPMM ) Upgrade

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The High Pressure Fluid System, Vertical Pump Motor Manifold Upgrade replaces most of the major components of the existing GE high-pressure fluid system. These include:

  • Existing Hydraulic Fluid Pumps (2)
  • GE 440 vac Motors (2)
  • Pall Pump Discharge Filters with built-in pressure switches (2)
  • Air Bleed Valves (2)
  • Pump Discharge Relief Valves (2)
  • Pump Discharge Check Valves (2)
  • Space Heaters and Controller (2)
  • Pump Running Pressure Switches and Pressure Gauges


In other words, everything from the reservoir to the main distribution manifold is replaced.


The upgrade consists of two independent assemblies, which include the following items:

  • 1800 rpm, 440VAC Motor
  • Variable displacement constant pressure piston hydraulic fluid pump
    • The pump is connected to the motor in a vertical direction, which positions the pump below the fluid level (flooded suction).
  • Ball type inlet isolation valve with locking kit
  • Special pump/motor/manifold mounting assembly which incorporates all of the following devices in one compact, easy to access location:
  • Pump discharge relief valve
  • Three micron, beta 200 stainless steel pump discharge filter with built in differential pressure gauge and pressure switch alarm
  • Pump Discharge check valve
  • Pump Discharge ball type isolation valve with locking kit
  • Pump Discharge flow meter
  • Pump Running Pressure Switch and Pressure Gauge with Quick Disconnects
  • Six Pad type heaters with a heater controller including a new dual element RTD
  • All piping, flanges and fitting required to install the upgrade
  • Technical Manual in digital (pdf) form that includes all assembly, schematic and electrical drawings relating to the VPMM.


The upgrade consists of removing both pumps, motors, relief valves, discharge filters, air bleed valves and check valves. Both existing space heaters are also removed in order to provide the space needed for the new vertical pumps.


The VPMM is provided with our standard 24-month manufacturer’s warrantee.


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