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GE Hydraulic Power Unit Heater Upgrade

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The original design of the GE Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) incorporated two induction space
heaters. Over the years, these heaters have been the source of a number of problems.

Barry Sibul Company is offering an upgrade package that easily replaces these heaters with a more
reliable and more efficient heater package.
The Heater Upgrade consists of the following:
• Six (6) heater pad s (12” x 18”) with 180oF built-in thermal cutouts
• One dual element RTD that is sized to fit into the existing thermo well which hosed the
temperature sensing element of the original system.
• A NEMA 3 Heater enclosure consisting of the following
o 440 VAC to 115 VAC step down transformer
o Terminal strips to connect all incoming and outgoing wires
o Digital Set point Controller with both desired temperature and reservoir
temperature indication.
o 440 VAC Circuit Breaker (single phase)
o Power On indicating light
o Power to Heaters indicating light
The upgrade uses the existing heater 440 VAC power at the HPU. No new external wires need to be


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