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Steam Turbine High Pressure Fluid System Upgrade Products

GE EHC Hydraulic Pump Direct Exchange Program

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Why send your EHC pumps out for repair???

  • Not knowing when you will get the pump back
  • How much the repair will cost
  • Does the repaired pump meet OEM specifications

Barry Sibul Company offers a Direct Remanufactured Exchange of your existing Vickers and Dension EHC pumps

Each Direct Exchange Pump is completely remanufactured, not simply rebuilt.

The table below shows the difference between a “Remanufactured” pump and a “Rebuilt” pump.



  • The product meets or exceeds NEW manufacturer published catalog performance specifications.
  • The product meets “rebuilt” test and performance standards.
  • During remanufacturing, all manufacturer design improvements must be incorporated into the product.
  • Incorporation of any manufacturer design improvements are at the discretion of the company doing the repair.
  • The product carries a warranty comparable to a NEW product. The length of the warranty does NOT define the quality of the product – the materials, workmanship, and business ethics of the company do!
  • The warranty offered by most companies is NOT comparable to a NEW warranty, even if the warranty period is LONGER. Typically, the longer the warranty, the lower the quality, as long warranties tend to be used as sales/marketing tools.
  • Re-work of parts during the manufacturing process is allowed, but NEW production tolerances and dimensions are adhered to. Rework of parts into the “rework limits” published by many manufacturers’ service manuals is NOT allowed.
  • Re-work of parts is commonly accepted, as long as the unit passes the lower “rebuilt” standards.


  • All replacement parts are made to the original Denison specifications.
  • Each Direct Exchange pump carries a three (3) year in service warranty
  • Each pump is tested to maximum OEM published performance specifications using the OEM test procedure, and must pass these rigid specifications.

Take the guess work out of EHC pump maintenance. Use our Direct Exchange EHC Pump Service to keep your EHC system running trouble free.


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