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Steam Turbine High Pressure Fluid System Upgrade Products

Fullers Earth Filter Housing Cover Modification

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When your GE EHC High Pressure Fluid System was initially installed, it incorporated a side stream fluid conditioning system referred to a TAFEFU (Transfer and Fullers Earth Filtering Unit).

This system is critical in maintaining the quality of the EHC fluid and needs to be service 24/7/365.

The original design of the Fullers Earth Filter Housing incorporated a conical head cover (see Photo). This design has caused many leaks around the housing to cover seal. The problem had to do with the cover deforming when the cover hold down bolt was tightened.

Barry Sibul Company provides a replacement cover that corrects the initial design and assures the cover to be virtually leak free.

The new cover is circular and flat (not conical) so when its cover hold down bolt is tightened it simply seals without deforming (see Photo)

A new large viton gasket is also provided that further assure a leak free housing.

The FE Housing Cover Modification requires no cutting welding or any other mechanical work be done on the system. With the side stream system safely isolated, simply remove the old cover and head seal gasket and replace them with the new cover and viton gasket (see drawing)


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