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About Us

For more than 40 years, Barry Sibul, the founder of Barry Sibul Company, has worked in the electric utility industry. After spending 10 years with General Electric as a “Startup Engineer”, Barry started Lloyds Laboratories, Inc., which was the first non- OEM training company in the United States. They offered customized site specific training for power plant operators, engineers, maintenance and controls technicians. He then helped co-found Nova Tech Corp, which offered incremental upgrade circuits for GE EHC control systems. With his extensive background Barry established Barry Sibul Company (BSC) in 1998.

Since it’s beginnings, BSC has been recognized as the leader in providing unique services and products specializing in fossil, nuclear and combine cycle steam turbine high-pressure fluid systems. Their products are currently installed in more than 400 units throughout the world.

What sets BSC apart from its competitors is their experience and background on turbine systems, especially the control systems. BSC doesn’t just sell products, they provide “solutions”.

BSC’s products don’t just replace aging and obsolete equipment, they provide a unique set of products that display real time diagnostics that allow the plant to implement a realistic predictive maintenance program that assures equipment is only repaired or replaced when it needs to be not when someone thinks it should be.