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The turbine hydraulic fluid system is critical in keeping your units on-line.

Costly turbine outages are commonly caused by EHC pump and component problems within the high pressure fluid system.

Due to the age of the existing EHC pumps and components, spare/replacement parts are difficult to locate. The original pumps are slow to respond causing unnecessary servo valve responses. In addition most of the original equipment is now obsolete.
For more than 40 years Barry Sibul Company has been providing specialized upgrade replacement parts for steam turbine high pressure fluid systems.
Barry Sibul Company is the industry leader in maintaining reliable hydraulic fluid systems.

Alliance Partners

SGS Herguth Laboratories

Independent Fluid and Filter Analysis Company.

Hydra Power Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of Vertical Pump Motor Manifold-VPMM, and The Block II.

             OilKleen, Inc.

Manufacturer of OilKleen 300 EHC Electrostatic Fluid Cleaner